Welcome to the Diversity Hiring Coalition!

Our Mission

We provide leadership, connections, education, and resources to Maine employers to promote diversity in the workplace

The Diversity Hiring Coalition will focus on three strategic areas. Each area has a specific vision for its work:
  1. Aging Workforce: To provide resources and education to organizations to bridge the generational divide in the workplace
  2. Racial and Ethnic DiversityTo provide education, resources, and networking opportunities to attract, retain and promote racial and ethnically diverse talent in Southern and Central Maine.
  3. LGBTQ+ community: To promote and support workplace cultures where all people are welcomed, respected, and made to feel safe, as their authentic self, inclusive of one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression
  4. Workplace Accessibility: To promote and support workplace cultures where people of all abilities are welcomed, respected, made to feel safe, nurtured, and provided with the resources and reasonable accommodations needed to be successful.
The Diversity Hiring Coalition is an affiliate of the Maine SHRM State Council, which serves and advances the human resource profession throughout the state.
The Diversity Hiring Coalition is an endorsing sponsor of the Maine HR Convention.

Member Area

Upcoming Events

DHC Partners Include

The Diversity Hiring Coalition of Maine is a partnership of public and private sector employers. Our members are:

    • Human Resource Managers
    • Recruitment Specialists
    • EEO/Diversity Officers
    • Hiring Agents
    • Placement Personnel

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DHC Networking Advantages

  • Forum to promote employment opportunities
  • Access to resumes of diverse candidates
  • Collaborative minority outreach
  • Networking with other human resource professionals
  • Information about diversity and multi-cultural resources and events
  • Professional development opportunities

Join DHC and TTI in June for a presentation on Gender Diversity in the Workplace

June 6, 2023

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