Why Join the DHC?

Here are a few highlights of the many benefits of being part of the Diversity Hiring Coalition:

  1. Networking opportunities.  The DHC’s membership consists of Maine-based organizations large and small in both the public and private sectors who share the common goals of diversifying their workforces, creating more inclusive workplaces, and providing diversity, equity, and inclusion-related resources for Maine employers.  At our meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other professionals who are committed to doing this vital work.
  2. Sharing of resources.  The members of the DHC bring unique experiences, strengths, and resources to the group, all of which are shared among us.  We learn from each other’s experiences not only existing best practices but also explore together new and creative ways to undertake this work.
  3. Opportunity to help move the needle.  The driving goal of this DHC term is to create practical, user-friendly resources for employers throughout Maine to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout their work.  Be part of this much-needed important work!
  4. Share your job opportunities. DHC members can post their job openings on the DHC website, free of charge, https://dhcmaine.com/post-a-job/, providing your organization a much wider reach for its job openings.  
  5. Powerful presentations.  Each bi-monthly meeting, we invite a speaker to join us to either share part of their story or to provide training related to their work.  We’ve had engaging and impactful training and speaking engagements from a wide variety of powerful speakers in recent years, tackling timely topics such as interrupting biased language; different communication styles, cultural competency, and implicit bias.

Want to learn more about what we’re up to?  Please check out:

Ready to join us or rejoin us?  You can easily create or renew your organization’s membership online or via check as described at https://dhcmaine.com/dhc-membership/#join.  Our two membership categories are Active or Friend status.  Active Status for $150 includes the expectation that a representative from your organization regularly attends our bi-monthly meetings.  If you do not anticipate regularly attending our meetings, Friend Status for $300 may be a better fit.  Multiple employees from a single organization may participate as part of your organization’s membership. More information about these two statuses is available at the link above.

Please contact us at info@dhcmaine.com if you have any questions!