Resources Created by the Diversity Hiring Coalition of Maine

In 2021, a number of DHC members became part of 3 working groups committed to creating practical, user-friendly resources for Maine employers on best practices related to networking and connections; hiring processes, and onboarding and retention of talent from diverse backgrounds.

We are so excited to roll out these resources!  First, we’d like to share resources on the translation of documents and utilizing interpreters and interpreter services with your staff.


Resources and Organizations in Maine

Maine’s Aging Workforce

LGBTQ+ Resources

Racial & Ethnic Diversity Resources

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting Businesses Based in Maine 

  • Beyond Racial Equity provides the framework to dismantle systemic racism and build racial equity in your business.
  • Cross-Cultural Community Services, an organization owned and operated by three women of color dedicated to combating, advocating, and consulting on the experiences of people of color and the immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Holloway Group LLC provides customized professional development training packages bringing real-world experience to the classroom and uses hands-on activities and engaging presentations to provide employees with the tools they need to improve their work performance and contribute to their workplace in a positive way.
  • Inclusion Maine audits organizational systems and processes, delivers innovative learning opportunities for staff and managers, plans for strategic business priorities. Inclusion Maine also offers an E-Learning Center with access to training and other resources for its members.
  • Integrative Inquiry Consulting partners with workplaces to design innovative, practical, and impactful strategies to transform your organizational culture into a collaborative, cohesive, inclusive, and equitable workplace.
  • IntWork partners with employers to help them build globally competent teams. We provide staffing and consulting to help you identify, hire, and retain highly-skilled BIPOC, immigrant, and bilingual talent, with a special focus on Engineering / Earth Sciences / AEC, Tech, Finance, HR, startups, DEI leadership, and Executive Search.
  • The Maine Medical Center Department of Vocational Services Employer Services team provides no-cost, inclusive workforce resources for businesses. Their business-centric approach focuses on educating employers on the value of disability inclusion.  They provide free trainings, strategies, and practical tools to help businesses across Maine create a work culture that is intentionally inclusive of people with disabilities. Our mission is to bridge the gap between people with disabilities and employment to ensure people with disabilities are included in Maine’s workforce.
  • Mandy Levine Consulting, LLC: Mandy transitioned from a career in employment law to HR to facilitate highly interactive DEI-related workshops and to provide consulting services to assist employers in embedding DEI throughout the fabric of their organizations. A licensed Professional Investigator, Mandy also discreetly and efficiently conducts workplace investigations.
  • One Trans Literacy specialize in cross-cultural commuication for an international and diverse workforce.
  • Providentia Group, a law and business advisory company partnering with individuals and organizations to build a better future.
  • The Racial Equity Institute, an alliance of trainers, organizers, and institutional leaders devoted to creating racially equitable organizations and systems, helping individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patterns of power and grow equity.
  • YWCA Central Maine,a local nonprofit organization with programs and services that focus on gender and racial equity.  Through our Training & Facilitation program, we offer workshops on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality (DEI&I) and have worked with several community organizations, schools, non-profits, and for-profit boards, businesses, and government agencies.  YWCA Central Maine also helps organizations move beyond diversity & equity statements to create the meaningful cultural shifts that will truly support and sustain inclusive policies and practices using organizational equity audits and consulting.

*Please contact us at if you know of a DEI-consulting business based in Maine that you recommend adding to this list.

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